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Dr Anand Choudhary

Dr. Anand Choudhary is a highly-qualified 
Offering specialised psychiatry services for over 24 years.


Dr. Anand Choudhary is a highly-qualified psychiatrist with more than 24 years of experience. Over this period, Dr Choudhary has been closely engaged with the local communities of Strathpine and North Brisbane, gaining a strong understanding of the psycho-social factors at play.

Although Dr. Choudhary is committed to helping mental health patients at an individual level, he has also contributed significantly to the general framework of psychiatric medical administration at a local and national scale. He has worked with Australia’s Mental Health Services to develop systems of Clinical Governance and Patient Safety and Quality during his time as a medical professional.

With a wealth of psychiatric experience, Dr. Choudhary has a strong commitment to improving mental health outcomes at both the national and individual level.


After completing M.D and DNB in Psychiatry in 2002 from highly reputable Armed Forces Medical College in India, Dr Choudhary migrated to Australia in 2003. He functioned in several different roles over next 20 years including Senior Medical Officer, Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Director of Psychiatry, Deputy Director of Medical Services and acted in other positions of Executive Director and Director of Medical Services. He has largely worked in South east Queensland but also spent time in other states including Tasmania and New South Wales as well as in several private hospitals to acquire different perspective on work in psychiatry. Following obtaining fellowship from Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, Dr Choudhary also obtained prestigious fellowships of Indian Psychiatric Society and International Fellowship of American Psychiatric Association for his contributions to the field of psychiatry.

During his work as Clinical Director of Mental Health Services, Dr Choudhary developed interest in medical administration and subsequently completed fellowships of prestigious Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators and Australian College of Health Service Managers. Consequently, He has contributed towards development of medical administration within the field of psychiatry and a better understanding of mental illnesses and psychology within medical administration. During his work within Mental Health Services, he was instrumental in developing framework of Clinical Governance and patient Safety and Quality as well as medical workforce planning. He was also part of first ever peer support program in Queensland designed to support clinical staff facing clinical incidents. During his work within medical administration, Dr Choudhary strived towards improvement of mental health patient outcome by developing harmonious relationship between mental health services and rest of the organization.

Due to his experience, qualification, research, education experience and professional standing, he has worked at National Level as Binational Examination Co-Ordinator, within Examination Committee as well as Section of Leadership and Management within the College of psychiatry and has been able to influence, develop and assist development of management skills policies within emerging leaders of mental health services at a national level.

Dr Choudhary has skillfully utilized his skills in both the fields to assist wider community within Australia in better understanding of psychosocial response to disasters and disaster preparedness. His work, as a clinician, educator, researcher and policy maker has assisted him in obtaining an eminent status within the field of Psychiatry and Medical Administration in Australia. He has contributed to a Textbook of Medical Administration and Leadership by writing a chapter of mental health, which has recently been published. This has been recognized by his country of origin and he has been awarded Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Samman and Hind Rattan (Jewel of India) award by NRI Welfare Society of India.  

These days, Dr Choudhary has his own psychiatric practice located at Strathpine. Although Dr Choudhary has encountered a wide range of different psychiatric patients, he has developed a special interest in a number of fields. Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Alcohol Use Disorders, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DIsorder), PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Use of rTMS (Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) and Medicinal Cannabis are some of his recent interest.