Dr Anand Choudhary Publications

Experienced and Highly-Qualified Psychiatric 

Chapter: Mental Health In book: Textbook of Medical Administration and Leadership (2023)

2. The fully equipped physician: An ancient Indian competency framework (2023)

3. Prospective recovery of cannabis use in a psychotic population: A qualitative analysis (2016)

4. Psychiatrists' follow-up of identified metabolic risk: a mixed-method analysis of outcomes and influences on practice (2016)

5. Natural Recovery from Cannabis Use in People with Psychosis: A Qualitative Study (2015)

6. Trichotillomania (2003)

7. Propfschizophrenia (2003)

8. Prevalence of caffeine use disorders in medical and psychiatric patients (2002)

9. Infantile Autism (2003)

10. A letter to Editor Drug Dependence (cannabis and morphine type) (2003)